We Provide IT Support in Digital Marketing Website Design and Development Data Analytics Software Development


Our utmost priority is to drive profits to your business. We proactively provide IT support to your needs.

Website Design & Development

Carefully designed, aesthetically exceptional, and device responsive websites that captivate visitors and fulfill your business needs.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing campaigns that not just publicize your business, but also help transform your targeted audience into customers.

Software Development

Next-generation software applications for desktop, mobile, web, and cloud platforms to turn your software idea into a feasible reality.

Data Analytics

Evolutionary and smart AI applications that help businesses with faster decision-making and reduced repetitive tasks.


We are best at what we do and are ever-evolving. Our team makes sure your business gets high-end modern IT services and our undivided attention when required.


We Pursue Quality

Our side of responsive and supportive IT support staff will attend carefully to your business, effort solid to rapidly recognize any problems, simplify anything intricate, decrease technical “sound” and eliminate any prevention your staff may be facing.


We Engage

The side at volgAI has allowed a countless number of customers to raise, lesser their ACTUAL charge of IT, and rise their commercial success. We don’t just hold Top class IT approaches; we bring on them too.


We Are Experienced

For years, VolgAI has provided first-class IT services to hundreds of clients in a varied choice of businesses by bringing advanced solutions that purpose to minimize stoppage, maximize success and usually advance the running of your firm.


We work with a principle of providing quality services in time so you can focus on everything except IT.


Select A Project

We select projects in which we believe our team can add value to and grow with the clients. We know our limitations and identify the fields of our expertise from the very beginning. This allows us to give that 100% to every project undertaken.


Project Analysis

After selection, we analyse every component of the project from different possible perspectives with each member getting familiar with the requirements of the project. Our team draws a map of goals and checkpoints in the planning phase to monitor our progress and know the challenges beforehand.


Deliver Result

Once the planning phase is complete, we initiate the projects with the active participation of the clients in different stages. We make sure the product is up to the standard and expectations of the client in every way possible. After thorough testing and validation, we deliver you the results of our work and act on your feedback.


Our utmost priority is to drive profits to your business. We proactively provide IT support to your needs.

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Our utmost priority is to drive profits to your business. We proactively provide IT support to your needs.

    COVID & VolgAI

    Because of these uncertain times and the state of the world due to Covid-19, working remotely has become not just a necessity but also a normal reality. In response to the situation and in concern of the health and safety of all of the employees, VolgAI and its members are currently providing IT support and services remotely (from the comfort of everyone’s homes).

    Although constricted by the pandemic, our passion and dedication towards what we do and the availability of the Internet and advanced tools, VolgAI continues to provide uninterrupted and non-compromised IT Services in Melbourne and across Australia, Canada & Nepal. We may be at home, but we’re always here for our clients.