All You Need to Know About Hyperlocal Advertising

All You Need to Know About Hyperlocal Advertising

Posted 4 months ago

Along with time, the marketing world has evolved and moved into a new shell of digital transformation changing the face of traditional marketing. While everything today is going digital, many businesses have opted for digital advertising to promote their products and overall expand their brand awareness. 

People use paid ad campaigns to drive traffic to their website and boost their conversions and sales while strengthening online presence. But what if you want to do the same for your physical business?

Even though you have shifted your business to an online platform and you still have your physical business going on you would want to drive customers to your physical store too. You ain’t probably want to be sitting there swatting mosquitoes and flies, right?

So, are there any strategies that specifically strengthen your physical business? 

Absolutely YES! To be honest there are many of them but one of the most important tactics among them is Hyperlocal Advertising.

So, without further ado let’s dive deeper and get into it.

What is Hyperlocal Advertising?

Hyperlocal advertising focuses on advertising your products and services based on a particular community or geographic location specifically where the customers are already tempted to purchase your products. It especially targets those areas where people get easily motivated to visit your store and help you increase physical traffic. All you need to do is step up a strategic plan to pop up your advertisement that catches the eyes of the right people spot on time.

It will not only drive traffic to your physical business but will definitely expand your brand awareness in that particular area. As the name itself explains, it targets your prospects based on a specific location helping you to pop up on the screens of your prospects where they use the search term “near me” through their devices. 

Advantages of Hyperlocal Advertising

  1. It will help you target local prospects based on the location of your physical business. Since, these prospects are already tempted to consume products similar to you, it helps you drive such prospects who are ready to consume your products. For instance, as I mentioned earlier, whenever someone searches with the search term “near me” suppose, “beauty spa near me”, you are probably going to pop on their screens and probably visit you if they are somewhere near to your physical business locale.  
  2. It will not require you a huge set of budget as you should not be targeting your prospects depending upon region or country.  
  3. As it is a specific niche tactic, you can easily set up your plan and run campaigns as your personalization while giving a boost to your conversions.
  4. When you are targeting based on a specific location, it gets quite easy to track down the ratio of traffic you are gaining as well as have insights on how your campaigns are performing.
  5. Since you will be able to communicate with your prospects in real-time, it will help you build relationships and trust among them. It will compel your customers to visit you time and again and expand your brand awareness. 

Since this ad is based on targeting the prospects of a particular location, it will help you narrow down your audiences and decide on who you should be targeting. All you need to do is first decide on which locale you are willing to target and then set the triggers that will fire when the prospects will take certain actions. This way it will help you target the right prospects at the right time with quantitative results.

Tips for running your Hyperlocal Ads Campaigns 

  1. Optimize your Google My Business page with the information that is relevant and why your business is reliable with authentic and genuine reviews, photos or interactive videos of products and services you offer. As well as make sure it meets the proximity of the prospects that meets the vicinity.
  2. Optimize your local SEO and mobile strategy. Since the average ratio of people using the search term “near me” and surfing from mobile devices is high, you better use focused keywords that’s relevant to that locale specifically long-tail keywords as well as optimizing your voice search and addressing accurate NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) features. Besides these, you need to make sure your website has a good mobile strategy making it responsive and user friendly.
  3. Work on keyword research and figure out long-tail keywords based on location that is relevant to the user's intent.
  4. You can run your campaigns in the locale of your competitors so that you can steal their customers and bring them to you. But make sure you stand out and are better than them.
  5. Make sure that your ads are personalized that reflects the traits of that particular community making it safe and relevant to the locale.

Therefore, these are ways hyperlocal advertising can help you to drive traffic in your physical business. It will definitely help you with achieving your marketing aim as well as help you boost sales with actionable results. And if you’re not sure on how to use Hyperlocal Advertising to your advantage, we’re here to guide you through!

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