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What are cookies?

Cookies are text files stored on a user’s computer with small pieces of data such as a username or a password that are usually used to identify your computer or device when you browse a website. There are other similar tracking technologies including web beacons that have similar working mechanisms. The information collected from cookies and similar technologies help us understand our visitors better.

What is a first-party cookie?

First party cookies are cookies placed on your device or computer by VolgAI. The data collected from these cookies allow VolgAI to track our visitors’ behavioral patterns on our website and provide services as well as improve our services accordingly.

What is a third-party cookie?

We also allow third parties to place cookies on your device when you access our website. This means apart from VolgAI, third parties may also place cookies on your system and VolgAI does not hold control over the data collected by third party cookies nor the access to the data. Third-party cookies and their functions are controlled solely by their respective third-party owners and their privacy policies.

Cookies and similar tracking technologies used by VolgAI

We use Web Beacons and Cookies to track your activity across our services to analyze and improve our services for our visitors. These cookies may store, but are not limited to your preferences, settings, and sign-in data. You have the option to accept or refuse all cookies when you visit our website or whenever you want to. You can control which websites will have access to use cookies and which don’t. While users may have the option to turn on “Do not track” on their internet browsers, VolgAI does not respond to “do not track” responses unless otherwise stated

Types of cookies

Session Cookies
Session Cookies are essential cookies that help us to provide you services and features on our website. These are used for user authentication, fraud prevention.
Persistent Cookies
Persistent Cookies will only be used if you allow us to use them. It helps us to remember your login credentials and language preferences and allows us to provide you with a more personal experience.

First-party cookies on VolgAI websites

Required Cookies
There are certain cookies that are fundamental for the proper functioning of our websites which are called required cookies. Here’s a list of all required cookies in VolgAI websites:

  • IDS_autoLoginChecked
  • Cmp-parameters
  • countryCode
  • localeCode
  • Locale
  • Country
  • User-in-gating-flow
  • Gated-asset-id
  • Crm_code
  • requestToAssetFromTYP
  • compatibilityPopup
  • Sc_add_event
  • submittedCampaignForm
  • CampaignLandingPage
  • Campaigncode
  • Url_id
  • Analutics_url_id
  • Useractivated
  • CodeTrackingCookie
  • QSI_HistorySession
  • Notice_behavior
  • Notice_gdpr_prefs
  • Notice_preferences
  • BIGipServer~<>renderid

Functional Cookies
These are cookies that enable VolgAI to track and analyze your activities within our websites so as to improve the site, its performance, and user experience. Data such as which pages a user has visited more often, time spent, error messages received by the user. However, these cookies do not store any user-identifiable information and are analyzed in a way so as the user cannot be specifically identified. Here’s a list of all the functional cookies in VolgAI websites:

  • event1ContactUs
  • event1Newsletter
  • event1CampaignEP
  • event1Basic
  • event1CampaignLP
  • event1Premium
  • event1ProfileUpdate
  • event1ProfileUpgrade
  • event1Subscribe
  • event1Upgrevent1ContactUsade
  • DBLiveEngage
  • LPSID_{Liverpson Account ID}
  • Mbox
  • _sdsat_demandbase
  • S_pers
  • S_sess
  • S_referrer
  • AMCV
  • Client
  • Session
  • _fcl_au

Advertising Cookies
Advertising cookies allow us to display ads to you that are more relevant to your interests. However, you have the option to either allow or reject these cookies. If you reject these cookies, you’ll still be able to access major functions of our websites but the ads shown to you will be less relevant to your interests.

This website uses cookies By clicking “Accept All Cookies”, you agree to our use of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. To learn more, please see our privacy policy and cookie statement.