• VolgAI – Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our CSR Policy

At VolgAI, we are committed to our corporate social responsibility. We believe working with the society can proactively develop the future we all believe in. We thrive to succeed by developing inventive new technologies. We believe inventions in this digital world belong to everyone and VolgAI attempts to empower anyone who is a part of this digital society we all live in.

VolgAI’s CSR Policy

CSR Policy Includes

  • 01

    Employment Skills
    One of our programs focuses on students who come from socially disadvantaged families. This program will be providing these students who come to VolgAI with opportunities to excel their skills and knowledge for a brighter future.
  • 02

    Privacy and Security

    • We are serious about our clients’ privacy and security, so we only rely on trusted suppliers for data storage and we also offer strong user control
    • We respect human rights and laws of any country
    • We are transparent about the data we collect from our customers and the purpose of it
  • 03

    Technology for Not-For-Profit Organizations
    We will be working with numerous not-for-profit organizations to assist with their technological needs. These organizations with objectives and initiatives to uplift the society themselves need support as well. So we at VolgAI will strive to contribute our resources to provide these non-profit organizations with the technological support they require in order for the benefit of the society.

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