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"Email is the commercial way of sending a message. Email Marketing powers this system on a larger scale."

Email Marketing has evolved a lot and currently is one of the integral constituents of Digital Marketing. It has a simple but sturdy objective for your business, to spread brand awareness, build trust, and maintain professional communication with your potential clients. With over 4 billion email users and a major portion of them being regulars, promotional emails when send in a planned way have a conversion rate unrivaled by other methods. VolgAI provides an intact email strategy that will allow you to attain specific goals.

Email is one of the oldest yet steady forms of digital communication. Email Marketing uses modern tools and technology to reign supreme when it comes to value for the budget spent. Our team will make sure your email is highly engaging and concise so that you can get the response as expected. Cracking the full potential of Emal Marketing VolgAI makes sure your customers are valued in every regard. The leads generated here are more quality-focused and your business can benefit from some valuable connections.

VolgAI allows you to get our Email Marketing services on special occasions. You can prepare, schedule, and send personalized emails on a mass scale notifying your customers about new offers, announcing exciting products, wishing festive messages and so much more.

Your website should be a bold reflection of the quality you provide.

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"Every email you send has the potential to add a customer. Our Email Marketing experts have mastered the creation, distribution, and responding to mass emails when it matters the most."
Dynamic Email Generation

Upgrade from the boring text-only emails. We will prepare a dynamic template for your emails with graphical elements and strategically places call-to-action (CTA) buttons. The emails we create are clear, concise, and highlight what needs to be showcased effectively.

Mailing List Preparation

We will allow you to mine and prepare a list of relevant emails from different trustable sources like business pages, online forums, website filters, review sites, and more. Our experts will assist you to grow and filter your Email database for maximum efficiency.


Automation is the future of marketing and we are fully aware of that. We will make your life easier by implementing smart AI tools to achieve email marketing automation. By automating you can sit back and let the software generate your email DB, prepare engaging emails, and send them at the appropriate time.