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"PPC Marketing is smart investing. It helps companies to appear above algorithms and be the first choice."

VolgAI utilizes both the technical and practical expertise of our professionals to provide you with the best ROI for your budget. Moving above simple keyword research we run PPC ad campaigns that put major emphasis on bringing audiences, attribution, and conversion on a larger scale. For time-sensitive marketing goals, PPC is one of the most effective methods. We have over a decade of experience running several types of Ads and getting our clients the best results.

Sometimes it is tiring to not see your marketing efforts get results. It is no surprise that digital marketing doesn’t have a proven formula for you to follow and succeed. PPC Marketing helps to bridge this uncertainty and allows businesses to pay for only the successful clicks rather than the impressions. VolgAI PPC experts arrive here with strategies to ensure you can get the best offers and pricing on the CPM as well as the most useful way of planning your budget over the Ad period.

We take over with the preparation, run-time, and completion of the paid ads with your close involvement. Our experts work with a team of data analysts as well as content professionals to provide you with the report and insights on how to use the data received after the completion of the PPC marketing campaign. With us, you can witness the power of modern advertising and lead generation in a seamless fashion. Our services here are proven through trials and experience so that you are always guaranteed the optimum results on your paid marketing campaign.

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" Fast and highly effective, our PPC team is backed by extraordinary results. We provide your business with the visibility to reach potential customers ahead of your competitors."
Keywords Research & Analysis

Getting familiar with consumer behavior is significant while starting a PPC ad campaign. Our firm utilizes modern tools and techniques to conduct a full-fledged study generating the most productive keywords for you to work on. These keywords/phrases are associated with live data and insights to help in the decision-making process and budget management.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization

A quality ad can do wonders for your PPC campaign and we create the most effective landing pages for your PPC requirements. We will handle your designs, content, and overall planning of the pages analyzed with a different testing mechanism. Aiming at better conversion, we will make sure the page appeals to your target audience.

Reporting and Campaign Analytics

PPC marketing is not a one-time thing and to understand its full benefit you will be provided with a detailed report. Alongside it, we will also allow you to visualize the exact spending for your budget and its return ratio. Similarly, our PPC experts will provide insights on your competitors’ campaigns as well for your marketing comparison.